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Welcome to the online profile for Ryan Zammit. Here's what I am doing at a glance:

Brief: I am currently based in North London reading a PhD on Knowledge Management and Social Networking on a Full-Time basis.
Academic: PhD researcher on Knowledge Management.
Professional: Knowledge Management and Social Networking Consultancy. Freelance Facebook Tutor & Developer, SharePoint & .Net Developer.
Other: Free time is for learning, socialising, photography and SCUBA diving.
Location: London.

Contact: info@ryanzammit.com
Skype: My status

Academic Life

Ryan Zammit with Middlesex University Dean


2012 - Current: Middlesex University PhD Research Student in Knowledge Management and Social Networking

2010 - 2011 : Middlesex University, Course: M.Sc. Business Information Systems Management
** Awardee of the BCS Best Postgraduate Computing Project 2012 **
2004 - 2008 : University of Malta, Course: B.Sc. (Hons.)(Melit.) Information Technology


After having worked for a little over two years in the software development industry, the urge of spreading my wings and making a name for myself abroad has landed me in the UK, London. Here I have successfully read a Masters in Science Degree, at Middlesex Univeristy, where throughout the year I have excelled as the top student in class; achieving top marks and distinctions in all 4 taught modules and in the final disseratation thus securing an overall Distinction. Through the inspiration of Prof. Mark Woodman, and Dr. Aboubakr Moteleb Zade, I am currently reading for a PhD degree, full-time, also at Middlesex Univeristy supervised by Prof. Woodman himself.

Areas of interest are:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Apps

Professional Life

Main technologies I have worked with.

In this section you will find more details about my career history, current, and future ambitions and inspirations.

Current Position: Researcher at Middlesex University

Please follow click button below to my linkedin account for a full CV.

Social Life

TweetsTweeting Bird Image


Some of my musings, blogged. Visit My Blog to read about any interesting ideas or findings. Do not forget to subscribe.


  • Picture of me diving the Santa Maria Caves in Malta.

    SCUBA Diving

    SCUBA is my passion. I find it relaxing being one with nature...others disagree.
    The feeling of breathing underwater feels "unnatural" to some. Not to me.
    SCUBA diving has brought to me the possibility of 'escaping' from a man-made world and finding my true self literally surrounded by nature and pure calmness.

    Certification Level: PADI Rescue Diver.

    Altough I am not an activist by definition, I actively seek to 'inform' people about the importance of the sea, and all marine life...and this respect starts from our home - land. Recycling, and inspiring others to recycle is a daily priority.

  • One of my photos shot in London.


    Currently living in London, I can't really practice much diving can I?
    Photography is always something I wanted to take up and i thought that this was the right time to START. Having kitted up with the basics, I always try to capture a perfect moment. Still a beginner and amateur I always gladly listen to suggestions, and a couple of close friends around me are quite good photographers themselves...quite an inspiration actually.
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    ...or get in touch, drop me a mail at: info@ryanzammit.com

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